Trap Craft


Trap Craft is an active game where you can choose an interesting character. You have to face thousand of dangerous problems like killing zombies on your way.

Welcome to the world of challenges, Trap Craft can help you have a relaxing time with the different levels. Many characters have many incredible dreams. If they want to make their dream be true, they have to protect the Hacker’s portal. You can choose any character you like to help him or her make dreams come true. Many zombies will attack the portal, let’s use coins to buy some pets for you. The pet makes you stronger. Killing the zombies with the trap to earn coins. You can bring many traps to set them. You also shoot arrows at the enemies to kill them. Don’t let them touch you because they can kill you. 

Don’t wait anymore, click on the game and make the character’s dream come true. Good luck! 

Features of Trap Craft 

  • 1 player game 
  • Children can play the game 
  • Simple 3D graphics 

How to control

  • Use the arrow keys to move and shoot arrows at them
  • Press and release the mouse to set the traps