Tiny Landlord


Tiny Landlord allows you to become a city tycoon, allowing you to construct a prosperous metropolis that is admired and cherished by all of its residents. This game is all about testing how well you can manage the economy of your city, so be ready to get your hands dirty! From time to time, you should evaluate your talents to see how you can effectively use the financial flow to enhance the city. Enhancing the appearance of the city by planting trees, installing lighting, and providing other amenities is one way to grow the population of the city while also making residents happier.

The new city builder is made to aid in your education and exploration of all aspects of creating, enhancing, and maintaining a city as effectively as possible. You can add homes, structures, and business establishments to the land by viewing your inventory. Upgrade your buildings and give your residents access to city amenities by using money and your influence. Give your residents access to streetlights, taxis, parking lots, gas, electricity, water, and waste disposal facilities. To make the game more entertaining, include public transportation.

Become a landlord tycoon by earning idle money from the city and investing it in your citizens. To experience a ground-level and aerial view of the city's streets and structures, buy a car or a helicopter. Make your city prosper by giving to those in need. In this game, your ability to run your city's economy will be evaluated. Examine your abilities sometimes to determine the best way to use the revenue flow to enhance the city. By adding more trees, lamps, and other amenities, the city can grow and more residents will be happy.


  • Become mayor and grow your city.
  • A game that requires little work or time but pays well.
  • To create the foundation, you must consider electricity, water, etc...
  • The satisfaction of the locals is your top priority.
  • Animation-style graphics are always high-quality.

How to play

  • Use mouse to play.