Tank Mix


A clicker game called Tank Mix lets you combine two tanks to make a more potent tank. To destroy the alien ship, fire at it! Build the most advanced military hardware imaginable to combat extraterrestrial invaders! Tanks can be connected to create stronger tanks. When added to the combat, they will eliminate the alien ships on their own! Remember to utilize the amps! Further features include collecting alien spacecraft and crystals, taking part in PVP competitions to earn awards, and catching drones to get additional bonuses.

The goal of the game is to combine several tank types to create new ones. Drag one tank onto the other in order to combine two tanks. Tanks only on the same level are combined. Drag a tank with your finger to position it on the battlefield. On the battlefield, tanks automatically fire and drive toward alien ships. Coins are awarded for each hit and can be used to purchase models of already researched tanks. different boosters can be obtained via flying drones or purchased in the shop.


  • Easy to start
  • Nice casual graphics
  • Light weight to load
  • 2 cool PVP modes
  • Exciting plot

How to play

  • Drag the left mouse button to merge the tanks.
  • Click on the alien ships to start the battle.