Super Peaman World


Super Peaman World is fun game where you can completely relax and entertain. Your mission is to discover the path full of challenges and gifts

Super Peaman World is a platform-adventure game largely influenced by Mario Games, as you could have guessed from the title. Instead of directing an Italian plumber, you'll be in charge of a guy who also happens to be a pea, and you'll have to help it navigate a world full of adventure and peril!

Do you wish to go on adventures in other realms with Super Peaman? While battling adversaries, collect peanuts and gold. Throw peanuts at your opponents or jump on their heads to beat them. You must finish 32 levels in three different Worlds to win.

How to play Super Peaman World:

  • Collect peanuts and gold while fighting against foes.
  • To defeat foes, throw peanuts at them or climb on top of them.
  • To win, you must complete 32 levels in three separate Worlds.