Super Marius World


Super Marius World is the most popular adventure game today for you to enjoy. Your mission is to destroy all the monsters that pass the challenge.

In Super Marius World, take a journey via an adventure platform! You've landed in the centre of a planet that's about to transport you to another realm. Try to finish your adventure to attain your freedom now inside the reality of the classic video game universe!

All you have to do now is sprint ahead with all your might. However, you will confront various challenges throughout the 15 levels. There are scary blocks that will attack you, wildflowers that want to eat you, and jumps that you must take... They're all dangerous elements that you'll have to deal with on this quest. If you can reach to the finish of each level by avoiding these obstacles and eliminating your adversaries, you will be able to enter a portal. As you go, try to gather as many coins as possible. If you're fortunate and skilful enough, you'll be able to complete all 14 dangerous levels. Finally, let's see whether you were destined to beat the boss level!

Features in Super Marius World:

  • Colorful designs with a vintage feel
  • There are 15 levels in all.
  • Controls are simple and enjoyable.
  • Video game to unwind.

How to play Super Marius World:

  • To move and leap, use the keyboard arrows or the WASD keys. On mobile devices, use the move and jump buttons.