Super Friday Night Squid Challenge


Super Friday Night Squid Challenge is a great game that combines film and music. Interesting game space, many new things are waiting for you to discover

Prepare to play Squid games in the Super Friday Night Squid Challenge, but in a new style this time! They gambled away all of their money, and you will assist them in finishing all of the songs over several weeks in order to win the big prize and recoup their losses. There will be many deaths here, so do not be alarmed! Also, keep dancing to ensure you don't miss any arrows. In this wild game, complete all 12 stages to win a whopping 38 million dollars!

The game's purpose is to complete all of the rap fights and incredible music battles! Can you fight the frightening doll in this horrifying survival game? In the Super Friday Night Squid Challenge, they'll engage in a musical duel. Your character will be standing on a musical platform, holding a microphone, on the screen in front of you. A unique panel with arrows will appear above the hero. As soon as the music starts playing, your hero will start singing into the microphone. Light will be used to emphasize these arrows. You'll need to recall how they did it and then hit the control keys in the same order that they did. If you perform everything correctly, you will win this round and go to the next level of the challenge! Have fun and best of luck with your survival!

How to play Super Friday Night Squid Challenge:

  • The goal of the game is to finish all of the rap fights and outstanding music battles!!!
  • In this horrific survival game, can you defeat the creepy doll?
  • I make an effort to demonstrate that you have the highest score of all.