Street Mayhem - Beat Them Up


Street Mayhem - Beat Them Up is an active game where you turn into a strong fighter. You have to defeat all the opponents to pass many levels. 

Welcome to the world of fights, Street Mayhem - Beat Them Up will bring to you the exciting feeling. In this game, you are the fighter who gets into some trouble with the bad guys. They attack you somewhere and you need to hit them. Take care of the blood bar of opponents and yourself to block their attack appropriately. Come to the game and make some awesome combo and defeat all the enemies. You can play single mode with the storyline. In this mode, you can open all the maps and change the character with coins. The coins are got when you beat the opponents. You also play with your friend in 2 player mode. 

Let’s clear your mind with the game and defeat all the opponents. Good luck! 

Features of Street Mayhem - Beat Them Up

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Many maps for you to choose
  • Defeat enemies to earn coins

How to control

  • PLAYER press WASD or arrow keys to move (Arrow keys are only active in Story Mode.), Space bar to jump, F and G to attack, H to block attack
  • PLAYER 2 press WASD or arrow keys to move, L to jump, P and O to attack, I to defend