Stickjet Challenge


Stickjet Challenge is an action and arcade game in which you have to control your character to fly and fall to overcome obstacles and reach the destination.

Avoid colliding with obstacles and move to the checkpoints to save your running process. You need to complete the level after overcoming dangers and barriers and running to the finish line. Remember to collect all stars on your way to gain a cup at the end of the level. Be careful with moving obstacles. You will die if you touch any obstacles.

The special feature is the flying ability. Instead of running, you will fly to avoid obstacles below by holding and pressing the mouse's left button and releasing it to fall down.

This action game has various levels with different obstacles and maps. It is challenging to conquer all levels. Can you explore and overcome these challenges? Start this game and try it!

Features of Stickjet Challenge

  • Various levels
  • Easy controls and simple mechanics
  • Collect stars

How to control

  • Hold and press the mouse left button to fly
  • Release it to fall