Stick Run


Stick Run is stuck in the tunnels and has no idea how to get out. You'll take on the role of one of them, dashing and leaping through tunnels to get home.

A group of Stickmen got bewildered while traveling through the world's tunnels. In the winter, they may become lost in the city, the desert, or the rugged mountains, for example. The player will assume the character of one of them and sprint and leap through the tunnels to reach their destination. Stick Run is a game that never ceases to thrill and entertain. This game will put your response time and sprinting ability to the test. Stick Run may be played in two modes: Explore Mode and Infinite Mode.

Explore Mode: New tunnels and places, as well as new characters, await you!
Infinite Mode: You'll be chased indefinitely. There are treasures scattered throughout the passageways. Gold may be spent to purchase new goods.
You'll discover a lot of new tunnels and locations, as well as maybe meeting some new folks! - Infinite Mode: You'll be able to run forever. Gold is scattered throughout the passageways. You may spend the gold to unlock new characters and continue your adventure. Keep an eye on your steps and make sure you don't fall out of the tunnel if you don't want to lose. Begin racing and leaping to retrace your steps back to your residence! Best wishes!

Stick Run has several interesting features:

  • Graphics that are both lovely and vibrant!
  • There are 15 characters in all, each with their unique set of abilities and skins.
  • Gameplay that is both intriguing and addicting!
  • Infinite Mode will put you to the test.
  • The music is fantastic.

Stick Run Instructions:

  • Use the UP arrow keys to leap through the space tunnels.
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the globe.
  • To control your leaps, hold down the up arrow key.