Squidly Game 123 Stop


Squidly Game 123 Stop is a hyper casual game in which you must join in a squid game and try to survive. Stop when a doll counts to 3 and go when it doesn't see.

Survival is the goal that you need to achieve in this game. Other players are not a problem for you because your task is to run to the finish line and keep your life safe. This is the basic principle of this game.

Coming to this squid game, you have to run to the finish line to complete the race while avoiding the detection of the scary doll. When it counts to 3 and turns around, stop. You are allowed to continue when the doll turns away and does not see you. If you are found moving, you will be shot immediately. This game is challenging and needs to be reacted quickly because the frequency of the doll's turns is not the same.

Besides, you have to complete the race in a limited time. If you can't, you lose.

Features of Squidly Game 123 Stop

  • The intriguing survival hypercasual game
  • Cool graphics and effects
  • The limited time

How to control

  • Drag to move.