SquidGame Explosive Candy


SquidGame Explosive Candy is a fun physics shooting game. This game will help you really relax when you destroy the villains in the famous movie

A game is a computer program that is meant to be played by one or more people, usually in competition. A game can range from basic tile-matching games to complex card, board, dice, or sports games. It can be used to replicate physical athletic events, mental skill exams, educational activities, or motor skill training simulations. Games are different from labor or practice in that they can be done for fun, to learn a skill, or as a sort of gambling. Squidgame is a candy-themed browser game that you can play without needing to download anything! The aim is to catch the other player with their own sweets and blow them up.

How to play SquidGame Explosive Candy:

  • Click and drag the firing position and drop