Squid Marble Game


Squid Marble Game is a new challenge in the series of challenges of the game from the famous movie. It's not as simple as you think, calculate it yourself

In the Squid Marble Game, aim carefully and take your shot to get the marble into the hole. You're out of the game if you don't get it in the hole. If the game goes well, try again on the next plane to get the marble into the hole. To succeed in 50 distinct levels, you must take shots. Now is the time to play Marble Game!

Features in Squid Marble Game:

  • 3D graphics with vibrant colors
  • Senses of intuition
  • Difficult gameplay
  • High degrees of addiction
  • Five distinct degrees of difficulty

How to play Squid Marble Game:

  • Swipe and aim the ball to the final destination