Squid Mahjong Connect


Squid Mahjong Connect is a fun jigsaw puzzle with the most prominent characters from the popular movie Squid Game. Show the speed of your eyes and hands to win

Squid Mahjong Connect, the definitive mahjong game with Squid Game, has been added to our website right now, as the combination of these two things has never been seen before, so this will be something new for you to try, and since mahjong is a classic game from Asian countries, it only makes sense to be paired with an Asian games television show!

How to play Squid Mahjong Connect:

  • Use your mouse to click on two tiles with the same icon/picture, and as long as a clear path/line can be drawn between them, they will be matched and eliminated, earning you points. Your aim is to finish the level by matching and deleting all of the identical tiles.
  • Now you must be cautious to complete all of the levels before the time limit expires because if you do not remove all of the tiles before the time limit expires, you will lose. We wish you success and all the best, and we hope you'll stay around for more fun!