Squid Gun Fest


Squid Gun Fest is a fun dramatic game where thieves are rampant and your task is to solve all the thieves to get the money back to the bank.

Believe us when we tell you that Squid Gun Fest will be one of the greatest shooting games online to have been introduced to our website's Squid Game category, where you get to employ heavy artillery to exact revenge on the red guards who have tormented the green-tracksuit gamers.

Let's have some fun at the Squid Gun Festival!

To begin, you'll get a pair of firearms that you may move left and right using the mouse. Enter through blue gates to gain more firearms, which you can use to shoot the red guards throughout the route for mounds of money if you gather them. Money may be spent on the main menu to purchase new weapons and firearms. Avoid entering through the red gates since they will reduce your firepower, and striking foes is also bad because if you do it too often, you will lose. Some obstacles have numbers on them that indicate how many bullets you must fire at them in order to demolish them and pass.

How to play Squid Gun Fest:

  • To play this game, you'll need a mouse or a touch pad.