Squid Guard


Squid Guard is an exciting game where you are a guard and shoot the participants who make mistakes in squid game. Aim and shoot reasonably to complete missions.

If you are familiar with Squid games, this is the new kind for you. In this game, you will be a guard instead of a participant as in other games. It sounds interesting, right? Your mission is to shoot all people who fail in tasks in the Squid game. There are two games which last for many days. You have to complete your jobs efficiently to pass the level. If you shoot the wrong way, the game will be over. You can based on the line around the participants decide who can stay alive and who must die. If the line is green, you can’t kill them. Press the mouse to enter the sniper scope mode. Move the cursor to adjust the aim. Release the button to pull the trigger.

With easy gameplay and simple control, you can play the game anytime to relax and kill time. The game should be the first choice if you want to find a game in your free time. The game is inspired by the Squid game series but in a new way. Are you ready to become a guard in this game? Don’t wait anymore, click on the game to experience it now! 

Features of Squid Guard

  • 3D graphics
  • Aim and shoot the participants
  • Easy gameplay and simple control

How to play

  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot