Squid Gamer Ninja


Squid Gamer Ninja is a very unique game inspired by the famous movie but incorporates a lot of new things that you discover for the first time.

You play as a kind of ninja with Player 456 and battle the red guardians, but not in the way you're used to, but in a whole new way that we're sure you'll love!

How to play Squid Gamer Ninja:

Hold down the left mouse button and aim at your targets, releasing when you wish to shoot the player. You must strike the red guards with your sword or other weapons, and if you hit and destroy all of the opponents in a level, you win and proceed to the next.

Avoid falling into pits, traps, or running out of shots to make, as doing so will result in you losing the level and having to restart it from the beginning. Also, strike adversaries to receive coins, with some of them being collected across the stages by shooting through them, so keep that in mind while you fire.