Squid Game 2


Squid Game 2 is a new version with tough challenges for you to conquer, all ready to welcome you. Will you get the final victory?

Will you be able to stay alive as one of the participants in Squid Game 2? You're on your own in this survival game, and you'll have to work hard to remain alive. You can feel the blood racing through your veins as many people around you are removed one by one. But, in this deadly event, try to remain cool and survive the risky games!

You will be able to put your survival abilities to the test in this game by participating in a variety of risky games. You must pull the forms out of the honeycomb sugar without shattering it or being caught cheating with a lighter in the first level.

As the game progresses, you will be playing the well-known red light-green light game, so try not to move once the red light is turned on. At the third level, you must play hide and seek like a child, but this time you must stay out of the guard's sight to avoid being shot. Then try to be the last person standing on the glass platform, each step causing the floor underneath you to crash. In the next round, you must finish the deadly race by sprinting for your life through the racetrack. Finally, if you can flip the cardboard on the floor, knock out your opponent before you by repeatedly slapping him in the face.

Features in Squid Game 2:

  • 3D graphics with vibrant colors
  • Several rounds
  • A variety of difficult games to accomplish
  • Easy-to-use controls

How to play Squid Game 2:

  • Click or tap on the screen with your mouse.