Squid Fighter


Squid Fighter is one of the most attractive games today when you have to use your fist to defeat the prisoner who wants to escape from custody.

It's now time for you to play online squid fighting games, which is precisely what we're bringing you right now in Squid Fighter, an incredible 2 player battle game where you may dress up as various characters from your favorite Netflix program and enter an arena to fight to the death!

How to play Squid Fighter:

To begin, let's look at how you manage your characters:

  • Player 1: A, D for left and right, W for leap, F for punch, G for kick, R for special attack
  • Player 2: Move using the left and right arrows, leap with the up arrow, punch with the K, kick with the L, and use the O for a special attack.

Player 1 will take on the role of a red guardian, while Player 2 will take on the role of player 001 from the program, and you will compete in a three-round battle to determine who will be the champion.

Kick, punch, and assault your opponent to deplete their health bar first, because if you can do so before they can do the same to you, you win, plain and simple.