Squid Battle Simulator


Squid Battle Simulator is a challenging game full of fun and drama. Where you will help criminals escape from a place full of death with your tactics

Squid Battle Simulator is a game that masterfully combines the green players and red guars from Netflix's Squid Gameshow with a strategy game format as well as drawing elements, resulting in one of the best new experiences we invite you to have today on our website, not to be missed for anything in the world, if you know what's good for you!

How to play Squid Battle Simulator:

In each battle you participate in, you will command a green player army, and you will be required to pull your troops into the battlefield, arrange them as you see fit, and then begin the combat with the objective of eliminating the other army and becoming the winner. The victors are the last ones remaining!

You may deploy many types of soldiers on the battlefield, but they are more expensive since they are more powerful:

  • Player
  • Worker
  • Soldier
  • Manager
  • Frontman

You gain cash by winning fights, which you should utilize to progress your campaign by strengthening your army, beating more adversaries, and winning more battles.


  • Standard movement: WASD + Right mouse button (hold down) WASD
  • Travel in different directions Shift
  • Speed up the movement Q / E 
  • Turn the camera around using the left mouse button
  • Make a group Unit can be deleted by pressing the right mouse button and holding down the CTRL-key.