Squid Assassin


Squid Assassin is an interesting game where you have to fight with the bad guys and their machines. You have to make a plan to escape from the strange prison.  

If you want to experience the nervous feeling, Squid Assassin will bring to you a variety of emotions. You are locked up in a strange prison and you need to escape from that. On your way, there are many killers and their dangerous machines. Destroying the machines and killing all the bad guys are your task. However, they are very crowded and hazardous. The tip is you should attack them with any sound (You can attack from the back). Your weapon is a sword and your character can be stronger when you unlock the power of the character. When you got enough diamonds, you can buy skins for your character. 

Don’t wait anymore. Come to the Squid Assassin game to have a wonderful experience. Good luck! 

Features of Squid Assassin 

  • Game is easy to play and control 
  • 3D graphics attract the players
  • Transform into the interesting character on the game 

How to control

  • Click the mouse or touch the screen to move to the destination and kill the enemies