Solitaire Farm: Seasons


The most dramatic survival game for everyone in which you have to hide or catch fugitives is called Squid Game: Hide and Seek. To win the round, the Executioner must eliminate at least two opponents; otherwise, all survivors will gain an increase in movement speed, making it much harder to catch them. You must eliminate every player in each of the three rounds if you want to win.

You will have the option to select your game role before the tournament begins. If you selected the survivor role, you will be able to adopt the appearance of one of three common objects. Locate a location on the map where you won't stick out too much from the surroundings. Before the countdown expires, haste to your hiding place. To determine which room the driver is now in, change the camera perspective. If you think you're going to be detected soon, move. There will be a variety of fruits spread throughout the area of a sizable underground complex, and by selecting them, you will gain various supplemental advantages. As an executioner, you must thoroughly go over each chamber just before the game begins in order to remember where each object is. Due to this, you can quickly identify the differences when you go back and stab the player who has assumed a different identity. Gain silver, gold, diamond, or platinum rank to advance in status!


  • Interesting gameplay in the genre
  • Beautiful & colorful graphics
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy controls

How to play

  • Use W,S,A,D to move