Smash it 3D


Smash it 3D is a seemingly simple but extremely attractive game that you can hardly escape from this attraction. Aim tightly to discover the surprise

Smash anything in Smash It 3D and revel in the sensation! At times, everyone desires to damage something and smash everything to bits. You may now do it and let off steam without causing any damage! Are you up for the challenge?

This is a soothing game that you may play for hours. To play the addicting game, just left-click on the tool you want to use. This allows you to make a chopping motion with the tool. There are ten distinct settings where you may cut off various items with various instruments. You may shatter the blocks of wood with an ax or the nails with a hammer. In any case, bashing things will keep you alive and make you love this game.

Features in Smash it 3D:

  •  Multicolor 3D graphics
  • Sense of intuition
  • Play in ten different settings
  • There are many levels to finish.
  • Compulsive gameplay

How to play Smash it 3D:

  • Click on Screen to make a HIT