Slashville 3D


Slashville 3D combines aspects of action, adventure, and idle farming games all in one, with a large environment ripe for exploring, battling, and expanding, all of which you're welcome to begin doing with just one click!

The mouse is used for movement, attacking, slashing, and everything else in the game. Your hero will gather tomatoes, and you will use those tomatoes to pay your builder to create buildings for you, update those houses, as well as gates, plant crops, and do any other necessary tasks. When you do this, you will be required to develop your headquarters to the fullest extent possible, as well as your hero, which means you will need to make your character more powerful. This is because when you go outside the gates, you will need to kill enemies in order to protect yourself and earn larger rewards. Don't be afraid to have and care for dogs; they're not only cute but also helpful and kind. Start having fun right now, and do it exclusively here; after that, we guarantee that you will have an even better time.


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Strategic thinking
  • Systems, and supplies to upgrade
  • Bonuses to unlock
  • Passive income system

How to play

  • Drag the left mouse button to move around.