Skydom is a gorgeous and enjoyable match-3 game. The map progression in this game is more traditional, but it still has several Match Arena-specific aspects that make it special.

Greetings from the enchanted high kingdoms! Skydom is a colorful puzzle with intriguing game variations. Want something new after playing through countless match 3 levels? Take a peek inside...only in Skydom can you compete against various players to see who is the greatest at match 3! Live Match 3 action has hundreds of stages with distinctive settings, amazing effects, and unexpected turns where you may demonstrate your talent against real opponents or connect with friends.

You will have access to various levels where you will be accomplishing a variety of activities. The basic goal is to link the objects together to form combos that will give you additional points and even certain bonuses. You'll only have a certain number of moves available to you as well, so plan beforehand. Additionally, if you log in daily, the game will reward you. You may also view your friends' statistics.


  • There are hundreds of levels.
  • Unique settings.
  • Gorgeous effects.
  • Unexpected turns.

How to play

  • Drag or use the left mouse button to switch pieces.