Ridder Of Squid


Ridder Of Squid is an interesting game that combines three kinds of games. You have to run then match the points, you can gain some cool clothes after that.  

Ridder Of Squid combines 3 games in one, so you will experience a variety of feelings. In this game, you need to finish two rounds to gain a reward. First, you have to run to the finish line without being seen.  Then, you can play round 2. Your task is to match the red points together that follow the shapes. When you pass the two above rounds, you can receive a reward which is to choose your favorite outfit, hair style and makeup for your character. 

It's time to play an awesome game like Ridder Of Squid. Come to the game and relax. Good luck!

Features of Ridder Of Squid

  • Easy to control
  • Fun and exciting game
  • Suitable for all age groups

How to control

  • Use the life mouse button if you play on computer
  • Touch the screen if you play on mobile