Rally Champ


Rally Champ is a fascinating racing game that gives you endless experiences with special roads. Show your driving skills and enjoy the great feeling

You may become the most popular rally champion with Rally Champ! A great deal of speed, a great deal of dust, and a great deal of exhilaration... In this intense race, these are the things you'll be focusing on. Can you withstand the stress while driving at top speed and reveling in the rush?

This is a fun racing game that requires you to drive carefully and to the best of your skills. Your main aim is to compete in Rally Car Championships all around the world. You must escape the opponents with careful caution to avoid losing any speed. Running over the yellow boosters on the ground will enhance your speed in the same way. Take the turns cautiously and collect the prize money at the conclusion of the race. This will allow you to upgrade to new cars and features for a better race. Now go as quickly as you can and give it your all to become a world champion!

Features in Rally Champ:

  • 2D colorful graphics
  • New cars to unlock
  • Need for skillful driving controls
  • 4 races in 4 different places around the world

How to play Rally Champ:

  • Race to the finish line by steering your automobile left and right!