Poppy Huggie Escape


Run away from enemies to survive in the game Poppy Huggie Escape this is an extremely dramatic game that makes your heart beat fast with suspense and waiting.

In Poppy Huggie Escape, you must flee from your greatest nightmare! A terrifying creature is pursuing you, and it is closing in on you quickly. So, don't look back now since you don't have time to waste. Can you run as fast as you can to get out of this nightmare?

Here's a depressing game for you. Your goal in this platform game's gloomy passageways is to escape the terrifying creature and preserve your life. You must meet two prerequisites in order to do so. The first is that you must run over all of the keys in order to achieve the desired amount of keys. The second factor to consider is the speed with which your platform runs. Without tripping or contacting the spikes, run quickly and steadily. Using the up arrow key, hop over the gaps and stools. With the down arrow key, you can slide beneath spiky tunnels. You will win the level if you have enough keys when you reach the end of the corridor. After each successful level, try to unlock more monsters. Let's see if you can get yourself out of this mess now!

How to play Poppy Huggie Escape:

  • Jump and crouch to avoid obstacles by using the keyboard arrows. Jump and crouch by touching and dragging the screen on mobile and tablet devices.