Pixel Smash Duel


Pixel Smash Duel is a chaotic classic pixel fighting game for two players. Continue the battle by controlling your character to victory

Prepare your fists and weapons in Pixel Smash Duel to win a lethal bout! You and your buddy are both taller than the other. This time, you're pitted against each other. You can't wait to show him how powerful you are now. So prepare for a tense battle!

This is an entertaining duel game. From the same keyboard, you may play against the computer as well as a buddy. The game will begin with round one on top of a roof. Your goal is to win five rounds in order to win the whole fight. You may make use of your kicks, spins, and weapon. For player 1, use the W and E keys, and for player 2, use the up-arrow key and M key. You can only win the round if you force your opponent over the roof. So make it a point to fight hard and be the one on the roof!

Features in Pixel Smash Duel:

  • 2D pixelated and bright graphics
  • Several levels
  • There's a two-player mode available.
  • Funky gameplay and pixel art

How to play Pixel Smash Duel:

  • Jump to avoid being hit, hold the button to elevate your weapon, then let go to fire.
  • The objective of the game is to knock your opponent off the platform.

A unique 3D challenging game for you to enjoy is designed to boost the peaceful moments of kogama squid gamers.