Parkour Block 3D


Parkour Block 3D is the game of many people who love this subject. In this game, you will experience the extremely dangerous and dangerous jumps yourself

In Parkour Block 3D, you must run and jump for your life! You must advance despite the fact that the floor is strewn with lavas. Jump on the blocks to get to the gate. It won't be easy, but if you preserve your courage, you'll be OK. On the island of fire, never give up hope. Instead of walking on the ground, utilize the brown platforms to go forward. Do you think you'll be able to complete this task? If you're confident in your talents, start the game.

You're going to enter a dangerous situation. Evil forces have wreaked havoc on our globe, and we must now live in the midst of the conflagration. The objective of this fantastic 3D skill game is to go to the purple doors and complete all of the levels. You'll have to complete 35 challenging stages in order to complete this quest. You will die if you step on the lava. Your character is standing on a brown block when you initially start the game. To go through the purple door, jump on these brown platforms. The WASD keys and the mouse are used to control the view. Use the SPACE BAR to jump. The difficulty level of the game will increase as you go through it. Before taking a step forward, be sure you're gazing in the right direction. Best of luck, and enjoy yourself while you're playing!

Features in Parkour Block 3D:

  • 3D graphics with vibrant colours
  • There are 35 levels to finish.
  • Controls that are easy to use
  • Gameplay that is both entertaining and engaging

How to play Parkour Block 3D:

  • SPACE - jump
  • WASD - move
  • L. SHIFT - running
  • Double Escape - Menu Mobile: Touch