Noob Rush vs. Pro Monsters


It's a game called Noob Rush vs. Pro Monsters. A slightly impulsive figure in shorts will die, but on the way will meet countless enemies.

In Noob Rush versus Pro Monsters, you must run quickly and battle hard! Your adversaries have encircled you, and you have no choice but to flee. However, they are all preparing to assault you at the same time. Can you now keep up with the struggle and stay alive?

You're right in the thick of it. All of the hazardous creatures have banded together, and they have a common foe: you! When there is no other option and you are stuck between your worst foes, you must flee and rescue yourself. So, use the arrow keys to control your character, leap with the space key, and maintain a safe distance from your adversaries. When you get close enough to the opponents, your character will immediately start firing at them. You can spend coins to unlock stronger weaponry and shop for additional goods like binoculars and extra health as you acquire them. So go ahead and see how far you can go on the platform today!

Features in Noob Rush vs. Pro Monsters:

  • Colorful vintage-style graphics
  • Several levels
  • Controls are simple and enjoyable.
  • Fun and addictive gameplay
  • Unlocking weapons and bonuses

How to play Noob Rush vs. Pro Monsters:

  • To move and leap, use the arrow keys and the letters WASD. To move and fire on a mobile device, touch the game buttons.

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