Mr.Superfire can help you be more confident about your shooting skills. In this game, you are a soldier who has to overcome challenges to save his teammate.

Are you confident with your control and shooting skills? Mr.Superfire will is a way for you to show them. You have to save your teammate who is arrested by enemies. You are on dangerous adventures to save your teammate. You face many enemies and they attack you with many kinds of guns. You need to against them with your guns. Beware of the mines which can destroy everything. Let’s jump to avoid the enemies' bullets and you and use the iron bars and iron barrels to avoid bullets. When the enemies die, there are many useful items appear. Try your best to collect them. The coins you collect can be used to buy equipment and upgrade the weapons. 

Mr.Superfire can help you practice your control skill and shooting skill. You can experience many levels in this game.

Features of Mr.Superfire

  • Collecting items from enemies
  • The music and sound effects are cool 
  • Diversity of items, and equipment 

How to control

  • Use arrow keys to move and jump, press the upper arrow key two times to jump twice.