Mr Noob Hook Hero


Mr Noob Hook Hero is a quality prestige fun game for you to spend your leisure time. It will be extremely attractive when you play with your friends

Mr. Noob decides to dress like a hero and swing across a world filled with perilous items and monsters that will attempt to stop you from achieving your objective!! Jump and swing to find the correct time to hook on to the many anchors in each level, then hook and swing to the next anchor to accomplish your objective, but it won't be easy since you'll run into deadly items and the frightening pro who will attempt to knock you down if he spots you!! Are you able to complete all of the levels?

Features in Mr Noob Hook Hero:

  • This is a fun and addicting adventure game.
  • Minecraft characters are rendered in 2D.
  • A game that may be played on a computer, a mobile device, or a tablet With the money you've gathered, you may unlock new skins.

How to play Mr Noob Hook Hero:

  • Using the left mouse click, move the character that has you hooked. Controls for mobile and tablet devices To get addicted, just touch and release the screen.

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