LOLShot.io is an online multiplayer.io first person shooter game. True believer, you are correct. No download required Show your shooting skills to your friends

LOLShot.io is a multiplayer first-person shooter game played online. You are an accurate, true believer. There's no need to download anything. Invite your friends to play this competitive skill-based first-person shooter with airborne action by sending them an invite link. Score points by sending opponents out of the arena, killing them in mid-air, or ambushing opponents with portals. LOLshot.io ### Instructions Chase down opponents in deathmatch mode against up to 16 players with an arsenal of 8 wacky weaponry to learn as you dash and fly over entertaining and colorful stages. To win, you must do the most spectacular and innovative kills possible in order to collect extra points and get the highest possible score before the combat ends. The ability to freely rocket-jump, teleport, jetpack yourself high in the air with a flamethrower, pouring damage from above, and do impossible leaps with powerful jump pads adds to the frenzied action. Learn the maps and where to find weapons and perks; some have unique properties, such as the Lifegun beam, which vampirizes your opponent and is the only way to regenerate life, the flamethrower, which also serves as a portable thruster, and the Magic Milk, which gives you a temporary x3 damage boost.

How to play LOLShot.io:

  • W, A, S, D - Shoot:
  • LMB - Jump: Space or RMB
  • Switch weapons: Mouse wheel or 1,2,3...8 - Chat
  • Settings: ESC - Reload by picking up weapons