Kick the Huggie Wuggie


Kick the Huggie Wuggie is a game that helps you relieve stress when you have to destroy the most annoying monster of the moment. Aim well to take it down

Play with our strange buddy in Kick Huggie Wuggie to the curb! Huggie Wuggie has returned, and this time it dares you to defeat him. So, what are your thoughts? Will you be able to defeat him in this infantile brawl?

This is a game in which we kick and joke about with our adversary. It is apparent that you have a history as friends, as frightening as it may be at times. It does, however, challenge you to a kick battle this time. As a result, you should take action. Click on the areas you wish to kick with your mouse. Huggie should be held and dragged from side to side. Remember that with each kick, you'll get fresh coins, which you may use to unlock new weaponry. You may use weapons to blast the spots and collect money once you have them. Let's see whether you can win this battle and eliminate your adversary!

Features in Kick the Huggie Wuggie:

  • Eerie 2D graphics
  • Game music that's funky
  • Unlockable weapons
  • Blood choices (on and off)

How to play Kick the Huggie Wuggie:

  • The goal of the game is to enhance your score at every chance and use the money you earn to purchase new weapons so you can keep playing!