Heroes Towers


Construct a fortified tower in Heroes Towers, outfit it with the most powerful crossbows and cannons, and engage in combat against the opposing forces! Every fight you engage in will be against another player. You can either defend your tower against assaults or go on the offensive against the towers of other players by teaming up with a friend. Continue to improve your rating and advance to higher ranks. Complete achievements and get great goodies.

To construct a tower element from scratch or improve an existing one, click on the desired platform and then select the appropriate element from the drop-down menu. Coins are required for building and leveling up, and the only way to earn coins is to engage in combat with other players. Simply pressing the DEFEND button will put your tower to the test. There will be an assault on your tower by the units of two different adversaries that have been randomly chosen. Heroes, who may be recruited and improved for a fee using coins, are required in order to attack the towers that belong to other players.


  • Easy to start.
  • Pvp-mode with 3 players on the battlefield.
  • Cute 2d graphics.

How to play

  • Use mouse to control.