Game Squid Hook


Game Squid Hook is one of the most popular dramatic strange games today. Your mission is to pull as many enemies as possible and not to be dragged

Squid Game Hook is the greatest new multiplayer 3d experience you can have for free in this category, based on the highly-acclaimed and popular Netflix program, where we had a lot of fun ourselves, and we are certain that you will have the same experience if you give this game a shot!

How to play Game Squid Hook:

To enter a room with other players from all over the world, press the play button, use the mouse to walk about on your side of the river, and click to shoot a hook over to the other side. That will allow you to grab players and bring them over to your side of the river, removing them from the game.

Of course, you must be careful not to become addicted to yourself, because if you do, you will lose and have to start over in a new round. Wait for respawn and continue having fun, hoping to perform better next time.