Crossy Road


Crossy Road is a simple game with bright visuals and well-designed stages. The game is really simple to begin with. But winning isn't easy.

What caused the chicken to cross the street? With Crossy Road, you'll find out! Many more characters, in addition to chickens, are waiting for you to assist them in across the treacherous highways included in this award-winning game. Crossy Road, as one of the most popular game titles, has become a favourite among our many players because of its multi-platform functionality and eye-catching vintage aesthetics. So choose one of a variety of amusing characters and go on your road-crossing adventure! Dispel all notions of relaxing Sunday strolls since this isn't going to be one of them. Obstacles of both the mobile and static kinds abound, threatening to bring your thrilling journey to a premature end. Maintain your focus on the road!

Crossy Road is a fun game with bright visuals and well-designed stages. The game is really simple to begin with. Choose one of the various characters and move through the stages using your arrow keys. Your goal is to go as far as possible without encountering any impediments. You'll come across busy highways, rushing rivers with logs strewn over the water's surface, and even some nasty persons. Your route will be straightforward at times, but you'll also encounter puzzle-like sections where you must think and move swiftly to avoid hitting a wall or falling into the river's deep depths. Don't even consider taking a break in a secure area. Your screen will continue to scroll, and if you are caught, the game will be finished. Keep your eyes peeled for further information! You'll find coins strewn over the levels, and collecting enough of them will allow you to unlock additional characters. However, picking them up off the street isn't the only method to get your hands on those gold coins: You'll get a free gift after every few minutes of play!

How to play Crossy Road:

  • Use WASD key to play