Bumper Ball IO


Bumper Ball IO is an online multiplayer game. Your mission is to push other players into the abyss and survive in the end. Show your talent now

With your bumper ball, knock opponents off the stage. A hyper-casual.io game that is both enjoyable and fast-paced. When you defeat an opponent, you will grow in size and aim to be the last person on the map to laugh.

Features in Bumper Ball IO:

  • Skin that is constantly changing Each sphere has its own skin.
  • Varied skins will have different effects on the user.
  • physical amusement The impact's angle
  • It is feasible to win with power and persistent movement.
  • Wars all around the globe Fight in a range of different locations.

How to play Bumper Ball IO:

  • With easy one-finger controls, bravely bash other opponents in action-packed competitive bouts.