Black Stallion Cabaret


The game Black Stallion Cabaret is a combination of a puzzle and a merging mechanic, and the objective of the game is to defend your train from various creatures by combining various things that can be used as weapons.

If you have an armored train, what else do you need? Yes, an entire train carriage filled with endearing dancers! Get them to travel the entire nation while entertaining the people in cities, enhancing your train, and fending off monster invasions. The aim of the game is to move the dancers around the entire nation while keeping them safe from dangers. In the game's main mode, you must combine objects you make in the workshop to raise their level and enhance dancers, weapons, and the workshop. You need weapons to protect yourself from the numerous enemies you'll encounter along the route. The combat is automatic. A group of creatures must be defeated in 30 seconds. Dancers perform in towns and are rewarded with information about the train cars. You can purchase new train cars and upgrade the existing ones with information.


  • You can play this game for free. 
  • A combination of a puzzle and a merging mechanic.

How to play

  • Merge items and increase their level. The higher the level of an item, the more points it gives while using it.
  • Items are used for improving weapons, dancers and the workshop. Double click on an item to use it.
  • Defeat the monster squads to move to the next town.
  • Get carriage parts in the town and level up your train. The number of parts depends on the level of dancers.
  • The level of the workshop influence the maximum level of crafted items and the size of the warehouse.